MHelping Hands Child Care & Learning Center

"Connecting Children's Hearts and Minds"

Pre-School Curriculum

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All of Helping Hands Curriculum Programs are designed for the children to learn through play. The preschool curriculum centers on using the Scholastic Letter Learning Series from Scholastic Books. Our preschool curriculum is aligned with the PA Early Learning Standards. The curriculum was designed by combining multiple learning strategies from HighReach Learning and our staff’s expertise and experience. The following areas of learning are incorporated into the curriculum each week:

  • Literacy
    Our curriculum focuses on learning one letter each week, including phonetics, recognizing, and writing the letter. The older preschool group works on activities to read 50 sight words by Kindergarten.
  • Math/Science
    STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) has become the newest way of teaching science and math in the 21st century. STEM focuses on hands-on learning and team-building exercises and problem solving skills that the children will be able to apply to real world situations.
  • The Arts
    Our Arts program incorporates music and movement into our daily curriculum. Children are encouraged to express themselves through dance, musical instruments, singing, acting, and dramatic play. Children are exposed to different art mediums such as painting, coloring, stencils, playdough, clay, sand and textured materials. The children are encouraged to use their imaginations to create their own works of art.
  • Physical Activity
    Our center encourages physical activity and physical play on a daily basis. The children in our program experience an average of three hours of outside play time daily. Children are able to ride bikes, climb and slide, run and chase, and play ball or soccer. We also offer a variety of group activities and games.
  • Social Skills & Community
    Our program encourages the children to Be Kind, Be A Friend, Be A Listener, Be A Leader. We incorporate teaching good manners and social skills into every part of their day. Our center participates in one community outreach project each month. Examples of past community outreach projects include: Collecting food for local food pantry, collecting donations for animal shelters, collecting books for the library, get well pictures and cards for the elderly, and supporting our troops. Our goal is to help your child become a good citizen of their community.